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Settlement Service in Calgary

Moliere Institute is one of the leading and prominent immigration service providers in Canada. We do provide varieties of immigration programmes and also provide different PNP. Our goal is not to make you wait for your dreams. Calgary is becoming one of the prominent destinations for immigrants due to some of its positive factors, one of the clean and wealthy states of Calgary where immigrants get lots of opportunities as compared to other states. The cost of living in Calgary is low if we compare it with other immigration hotspots in Canada. Our services are structured in such a way that we understand your needs and also provide the best plan so that you gets easy and smooth settlement service in Calgary. In order to settle in Calgary one needs to qualify for the Alberta Provincial program as Calgary is a famous city in Alberta province. Currently, the Alberta PNP is known as the Alberta advantage immigration programme (AAIP).


The AAIP is divided into two major categories:

  1. Stream for workers

  2. Stream for entrepreneurs

Stream for workers:
Alberta Opportunity stream

This programme is for those foreign workers who are already living and working in Alberta and for those candidates having an employment offer from a recognised employer in Alberta.


Express entry- Not eligible

Language- CLB4,CLB5

Work experience- Minimum work experience 12 months

NO investment is required.


Alberta Express Entry stream

This is for those candidates who already have an Express Entry profile and for this application the candidate must have a Notification of Interest (NOI).

How can you receive NOI?

  • Must have an express entry profile in the federal express entry.

  • Must be professional in that field which can contribute to the Alberta economy.

  • You need to share a positive response to immigrating to Alberta.


Rural renewal stream

This stream is for those candidates who want to explore the rural life and communities of Alberta. This programme is designed to promote the local cultures and to improve the local economy so one must contribute to the development of rural Alberta.

  • Should have a full-time job offer from an Alberta employer.

  • Must have a supporting letter from the local community.

  • Minimum work experience 12 months

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