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Get The Best Manitoba Settlement Services

Are you struggling to get the best consultancy for Manitoba settlement services? Still searching for the best services, Then Why Not Take Help From  Professionals who can guide you through the complete process and get your work done with ease? The first thing is to stop worrying as it will not help you to find a solution to the question of how to become a permanent resident. Currently, you are at the right place as we are one of the top service providers for Canadian immigration, we have an expert team to your guide for immigration services with all details that you are exactly searching in the internet with an ease. We provide every type of help in settlement service in Manitoba from getting your application accepted to getting your medical done. As we know that there are different provinces in Canada that provide immigration according to their rule and Manitoba is one of those provinces which have a high demand, with the help of our Manitoba settlement services you can get entry to Manitoba in one chance and in very less time.


Details and Process of Manitoba Settlement Services

Maitoba gives the green signal to its immigrants on the basis of certain criteria

●     A skilled worker in  Manitoba

●     Skilled worker overseas

●     International Education

●     Business investor

1. A skilled worker in Manitoba's eligibility

The Skilled Worker in Manitoba (SWM) has further two parts

●     Manitoba Work Experience Pathway Requirements(for those who has min 6 months of work ex in Manitoba)

●     Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway Requirements(an overseas worker who has at least 2 years of work exp in a relevant field)

2. Skilled worker overseas stream

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream offers settlement in Manitoba both on the Express entry pathway and the Direct provincial pathway.


●     Manitoba Express Entry Pathway for those foreign candidates who are permitted under the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program and also meet the criteria of Express entry criteria also the candidate should have a good express entry profile.

●     The direct provincial pathway is for those international candidates who have been interviewed outside Canada by MPNP and an authorized employer and given the invitation to apply for Manitoba immigration.

3. International Education Stream

IES offers three gateways to the candidates under MPNP which are:

●     Manitoba career employment pathway

Foreign nationals who have graduated from Manitoba and have an employment offer from any in-demand occupation of the province.

●     Graduate internship pathway

 This stream offers applications from those international students who have completed their Masters's/Ph.D. from Manitoba in the past three years

●      Student entrepreneur Pathway

In this section those international candidates who recently completed their schooling from Manitoba post-secondary education plus experience of 6 months owning or managing any business in Manitoba.

4. Business investor stream

There are two types of immigration plans under this stream:

●     Entrepreneur Pathway

Finds those international candidates who are interested to open a business in Manitoba.

●     Farm investor pathway for those who want to operate the farm in Rural places of Manitoba.


Moliere Institute has immigration consultants who are experienced and knows all the details of settlement service in Manitoba. We understand client requirements and try to provide suitable ideas that which provincial nomination program stream is best for them. We have a proven success record and our experts had gained the trust of many clients over the years. If you want to settle in any province of Manitoba but don't have the proper information, then you can try our Manitoba settlement services program to get a faster and more efficient result. Our network and in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration are assuring you that you have a trusted partner by your side. WE CAN HELP TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM FASTER.

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