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Remarkable Non-Citizen Permanent Resident Service in Canada

Are you thinking to switch your job and settle in Canada? But if you are worried about settling in Canada, then don’t worry we have the solution for it and we will make sure your experience is hassle-free. We provide non-citizen permanent resident services to people who are looking immigrating from one country to Canada. There are many people who struggle to get non-citizen permanent resident cards, due to improper documentation or wrong agent or not having proper knowledge of the process. The most important thing is to do proper documentation while immigrating and getting a non-citizen permanent resident card in Canada. 


You might have heard of many frauds who took money and didn’t do anything. But we are 100% genuine and we make sure to provide the best service and give you a pleasant experience. We have customers who are really happy with our service and we even give them guidance from the start to the end while settling in Canada. Our professionals give the best advice along with additional guidance like good places to live, jobs, career growth, education, application submissions and many more. The process of applying for a non-citizen permanent resident card might sound complicated but when you come to us, it will become very smooth for you because our professionals will handle the tough part and give you updates on a daily basis. Many people come to Canada but they face issues while immigrating and it gives them a terrible experience hence which causes a bad impression of Canada. Moliere is well known for giving all kinds of services for those who are non-residents as we make sure that our customers proceed with the immigration procedure smoothly, for those who are trying to settle in Canada we provide them with non–citizen permanent resident services so that they can live in Canada after moving out from their country happily without any problems. 

Do you know about social security applications for non-citizens?


There are many people who don’t know about the social security applications provided by the Canadian government. So they don’t know where they have to apply and submit their applications but it is important for every non-citizen permanent resident as those benefits are really useful for every resident. Social Security taxes are cut from you and you can apply for the benefits after your retirement. Social Security of Canada includes pension plans that are really useful for people to make their living even after retirement. We even help non-citizen permanent residents with the benefits of social security so that they don’t get left out of these amazing benefits offered by the Canadian government. It is very important to submit social security applications for non-citizens as sometimes due to wrong information or guidance the applications do not get submitted properly. 


Why should you choose Moliere on the first chance while applying for a non-citizen permanent resident card?


Our professionals in Moliere will give you the ultimate service and guide from the scratch. They will help you know all the rules, regulations, documents and other notices that are necessary for the whole procedure of Canadian immigration or non-citizen permanent resident card. Sometimes document verification causes too much hassle to the customer but we have good connections and we can give you the most hassle-free and smooth experience with the verification of the documents. Many young people look for a career change and choose to do their education in Canada, so we provide guidance for choosing the best education for them as well. We encourage young people to come here and settle down and for that, we help them to proceed with their applications. 


So don’t worry anymore and choose Moliere for the best non-citizen permanent resident service provider and social security applications for non-citizens. Take an appointment right now!

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