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Most Reliable Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada? Applying for a permanent residency visa is the first and foremost step for immigrating to Canada. Canada is a developed, immigrant-friendly and liberal, and democratic country. The solution for this problem is hiring a consultant who will guide you through the procedure and make the complete process smooth. Moliere is the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai.


What makes Moliere the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai?


Moliere is one of the most trusted and popular Canada immigration consultants in Dubai that offers its consultation, and advisory services to worldwide immigration applicants. There are a few features into which we must look in consultants for immigration as an applicant, that are-


  • Excellent tracking record or success rate for helping applicants to get the visa

  • Reasonable consulting fees

  • Prompt client service

  • Associated with ICCRC members.


Moliere possesses all the mentioned qualities which make them the leading consultants for immigration purposes.

Here are the following key services which are being offered by the Moliere team to Canadian visa applicants:


  • Case study or analysis

  • Pre-assessment

  • Form filling

  • Documentation Assistance

  • Letter drafting

  • Refusal case analysis and re-filing

If you are looking for a trusted consultancy, Maliore is considered a trusted Canada immigration consultant in Dubai.



Immigrate to Canada with Moliere: The best consultancy in Dubai for Canada.

We provide the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai which helps you to choose the best program for keeping your profile precise as per needs. The federal government of Canada will provide you with several ways to the potential immigrants for immigration is very important to have an expert like us for your side to make a decision. The country has the following immigration processes for skilled and potential immigrants:-

  • Express entry

  • Provincial nominee program

  • Startup-visa

  • Canada student visa consultants in Dubai


Why shall you choose Moliere Services?


Moliere Services is one of the top-rated immigration consultants for Canada which specially deals in assisting skilled professionals and eligible candidates who are qualified applicants securing a Canadian visa via any consultant which helps them land a suitable job and helps them enjoy and settle there by becoming a permanent resident. so that they can find a suitable job in the country and enjoy a better or desired lifestyle by becoming a permanent resident. Our certified and experienced Canadian immigration experts offer a budget-friendly, streamlined, and prompt service so you can quickly move to the country of your dreams. We, at Moliere Institute, will guide you in thoroughly understanding the requirements and procedures so that you can advance your immigration plans hassle-free.


As a trusted  Canada consultancy in Dubai with skilled professionals, we are committed to providing world-class trusted services to assist and guide people in planning their Canadian immigration. So, worry no more if you truly want to get a stress-free, smooth, and expedient experience throughout the immigration process, then quickly in touch with us with our expert team at Moliere right now!





1. What are the advantages of becoming a Canadian permanent resident?


Canadian permanent residents are entitled to:

  • Receiving almost all types of social advantages that Canadian citizens are entitled to

  • To work, live or study in the Canadian province

  • To apply for a Canadian citizen

  • To be under the protection of Canadian law.



2. Who can apply for Canadian citizenship?


The individual applying for it should be at least 18 years of age to begin the application. The following conditions must be:


  • The individual applying for Canadian citizenship is the child’s parent or legal guardian.

  • The child must be a permanent resident of Canada.

  • If either of the parents already lives in Canada or is applying to become a citizen.

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