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Apply For Online Canada student visa application

A study permit is a process by which any student of a foreign national who wants to study or complete their education in Canada then they can apply for it, as it will allow them to be eligible for entering Canada. Any foreign student is not allowed in Canada without a Study Permit, apart from that if you want to visit Canada as a student then you must need to be accepted by Designated Learning Institute(DLI). DLIs are those institute which has been accepted by the Canadian government to provide admission to foreign students. If you are a foreign migrant who wants to study at the top universities of Canada then moliere institute can help you with your Online Canada student visa application.

Documents Needed for Online Canada Student Visa Application

1- Valid Passport- You must have a valid passport of a Country in order to pass for the eligibility of Canadian Student Visa

2- You should have a Letter of Acceptance from a recognized institute/university in Canada but that might be under Designated Learning Institution also if you are applying for the Quebec student permit then you must take the certificate of acceptance from the Quebec government.

3- Proof of Income- One a student when planning to study in Canada he/she must show Income proof that they will be able to pay the fees of the institution and also to bear their living expenses.

4-Purpose statement- You might need to provide a letter or writing in detail that what will be the purpose of your visit to Canada.

5-Medical examination-Canadian Immigration process mandates compulsory Immigration Medical Examination for every foreign national or student. They must do a medical check-up through an enlisted medical practitioner and are advised they must visit one week back before they are planning to apply for a Canada student visa online application. If you get the student permit it doesn't mean that you received the visa, the visa is given on the basis of your country's citizenship. In most cases, you must hold a valid visiting visa or an ETA.

Why choose Moliere Institute?

You can apply Online Canada student visa application and also through by offline center.

Moliere Institute is one of the leading immigration consultancies in Canada. We have tied up with many top universities and colleges which will help you to save a lot of time of yours and also your online Canada student visa application will get processed faster. here what experience can help you we can help you to find the best provinces according to your interest, Our consultancy experts can help you with details and processes needed for different colleges and universities. We can also help you to choose the best college in Canada according to your interest of study. We have our website and from there you can apply for Canada student visa online application  

●              More than 90 percent of our student gets student permits.

●              We help students to find jobs and get Canada PR

●              We help students to get their families and settle down here in Canada.


Frequently asked questions for a student visa?

  • Is it compulsory to have insurance?

Yes to qualify for an online Canada student visa application, it is compulsory for all students to have health insurance in Canada. To get a student permit Canada

  • What is DLI?

DLI stands for Designated Learning Institution any foreign person who wants to take an international student visa to Canada then he/she must enroll themselves in an institute under DLI.

  • What is the validity of a student permit?

First, when you will enter Canada as a student you will get a student permit according to your program but when your validity is going over then you must renew your student permit according to your need because if your student permit will over then you have to leave Canada and come back once again.


If you are facing any problem or confusion related Canada study visa, Don’t hesitate to contact us as we will help you to get your dream career without wasting a single time.

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