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Canada is a popular Destination for Migrants

Are you looking forward to immigration to Canada? And you are stuck in a delusion of choosing the right way?

The easy and diversified Canadian immigration service caters to a wide range of candidates who aspires to enhance their actual quality of life by taking various social advantages that are accessible and reachable to every permanent resident of Canada which permits within its borders.

Canada is the most desired immigration destination for people across the world. The number of international migrants has grown rapidly in Canada and will continue to be as same as the country which has been set as an ambitious target of inviting many immigrants in the next few years. Canada has become an immigrant-friendly country which allows people to move here to explore education, work opportunity and good quality of life. Sustainable livelihood and a free society compel individuals to leave their homes and live in Canada. Canada is considered to be the land of promising opportunities.

Easiest ways to immigrate to Canada 


The easiest way to Canada immigration process depends on your connections or unique profile to the country. There is no simple method to immigrate to Canada. Some programs may be easier for you to fill application for immigration but the process is too long and involves many steps. Canada immigration process doesn't require significant emotional or financial investment but the main result is worth it. These are the four best ways to apply for Canada immigrant service:

1- Express Entry- It is the fastest and most popular easiest immigration process. Candidates who apply through the express entry system can get permanent residence status in six months. There are three streams of express entry : 

Workers who are Federally Skilled

Classes with Canadian Experience 

Trades who are Federally skilled

The express entry system includes the process of submitting an online application for immigration that is scored by Canada’s CRS. Eligibility under one of the Canadian federal is required for the submission of an express entry application.

2- Provincial Nominee Programs- The provinces nominated workers for Canadian permanent residence through the pandemic. There are many nominee programs offered by Canadian provinces and their territories. After receiving the nomination, PNP candidates must apply for permanent residence in the federal government of Canada.

Each and every PNP has an application processing time of their own. PNP candidates must apply to the federal government of Canada for permanent residence after receiving the nomination. 

The actual time taken by this process will directly depend upon the PNP operation using the Express Entry System.

3- Business Immigration- If you own and manage your own business, the easiest way for Canada immigration service could be through a provincial and federal business immigration program. The federal government offers a Canadian immigration program for individuals who plan to be self-employed in Canada or start a business in Canada. There are also many PNPs for overseas candidates who are interested in starting up a business in a province of Canada. It mainly requires a specific investment in the company which you think to start in Canada. The amount will depend upon the program in which you are interested.  

4-Sponsorship- Family sponsorship will be the easiest method for Canada immigrant service if you are having a qualified family member who is a permanent resident of Canada. It offers many immigration programs which give permanent citizenship to bring family members to the country. If your spouse, child or grandchild is a permanent resident of Canada then You may be eligible for family sponsorship. The processing time will depend upon the family member who is sponsoring you. 

Why Moliere is the best option for Canada immigration service?

If you are thinking of Canada immigration then Moliere is an ideal choice for you. We are been dedicatedly servicing a number of clients with their needs related to immigration. The company is reputed for providing accurate, timely and efficient Canada immigration service. We respect each client by offering them services and one-to-one guidance. 


Get a visa to work, visit and study in Canada by choosing us. 

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