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Extension of Student Visa Canada

Welcome to Moliere, your one-stop solution for Student visa extension Canada. We are aware that how crucial it is for you to keep your student visa up to date because it is the only essential document which is allowing you to live and study in Canada as an international student. The Canadian visa procedure, including the extension of student visas, is thoroughly understood by our team of knowledgeable immigration advisors. We, therefore, provide professional advice for the extension of your student visa in Canada.

As an international student, it is very much important to stay up to date with your visa requirements. Whether you're completing your studies and want to extend your stay to work in Canada or have experienced a delay in completing your program due to unforeseen circumstances, we're here to help. Our team of experienced immigration consultants has a thorough understanding of the Canadian visa process, student visa extension Canada and also the extension of student visa Canada.

There are a number of student services provided

Our offerings consist of:

  • Consultation and Evaluation

Your situation will be thoroughly evaluated by our team of immigration specialists to decide whether you qualify for an extension of student visa Canada. We'll provide you with a personalized evaluation of your situation and counsel you on the best course of action.

Our team of student visa extension Canada specialists is informed about every facet of the Canadian immigration process and can offer professional direction and counsel to ensure that your application for a student visa extension is approved. We can guide you through the procedure for extending your student visa in Canada, including filling out the needed paperwork, acquiring the required supporting materials, and speaking on your behalf for an international student visa extension Canada 


  • Creating Documents


We can help you put together all the documentation and documents needed for your application for a student visa extension. To prevent any delays or issues with the application procedure, our team will make sure that every piece of paperwork is accurately completed, duly signed, and sent on time.


  • Communication with Immigration Authorities


We also communicate with the Canadian immigration authorities on behalf of any additional information. Our team is committed to handling this with proficiency to avoid any barriers and miscommunications.


  • Appealing and Making Arguments


Our team of immigration specialists delivers counseling and assists with an application if your request for a student visa extension gets rejected. To improve the probability of an appropriate outcome, we will put up relentless efforts to ensure your case is presented in the best way possible.

Not only do we have our student visa extension Canada, but also we offer a range of other services designed to help international students flourish in Canada. We can help you find suitable homes and accommodations, connect you with local resources and services, and provide assistance on the best way to locate the Canadian education system.


Last but not least, if you are an international student looking for any solution or assistance to extend your student visa extension Canada, Don’t Worry anymore and Relax. As Moliere is here to assist you from top to bottom. Our team of expert immigration consultants will assist you through the process, making sure that you have a stress-free and hassle-free experience. With our Support, you can always stay focused and concentrated on your education and could make the most of your time in Canada. To learn more about our services get in touch with us today. Good luck!

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