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Looking for a Remarkable Nonimmigrant visa application 

Are you still wondering about how to get started on a nonimmigrant visa application? You have arrived at the right place. Moliere Institute offers a wide range of non-immigrant visa services to help you move your career on the right path. Nonimmigrant visas provide a way for foreigners to enter a country on a temporary basis. 

Application for Nonimmigrant visa services for those who aren’t looking for a permanent visa but have to travel to a foreign country for various purposes like business meetings, medical treatment, Seminars and Events or just a Tourist visa or Visitor visa. 

Learn the difference between Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa Application

Immigrant Visa Applications and nonimmigrant visa applications differ from each other as both serve an entirely different purpose. The difference between these visas lies in the purpose. 

Application for Immigrant visas provides permanent entry to a foreign country, allowing the individual to become a resident and avail of the benefits provided by that country. The sole purpose is the get permanent entry into the country and sometimes to become a resident. 

Application for Nonimmigrant visas provides temporary access to enter a foreign country for a stay of a short time period.

As a non-immigrant visa provides a temporary stay in a foreign country, incomers enter the country with the following purposes - travel and tourism, business, education, medical emergencies, temporary work and training, and so on.

Understand the Types of Non-immigrant Visa 

If you are getting a visa for a specific purpose, you should know how they serve. The non-immigration visas are good for the purpose stated to serve, but there are several restrictions when you come to avail of these visas. A nonimmigrant visa application will give your access to stay in a foreign country for a short period of time by choosing the proper purpose for the visit can give you the chance to extend your visa if you wish to.  

The non-immigrant visas are segregated based on the type of purpose they serve. Below are the types of non-immigrant visa applications you can get if you wish to travel to another country for a short period of time. 


  • Visitors visa - A visitor visa is the most basic permit to enter a foreign country as a tourist or traveler. It is also known as a Travel visa or Tourist visa. 

  • Student Visa - A student visa helps you to travel to a foreign country with the general purpose of studying, researching or attending seminars. Whether you are going for any purpose related to an educational institution you will need a student visa. 

  • Work Visa - A work visa helps you to travel to a foreign country for the purpose related to temporary employment. Working on a project or travelling for a purpose related to a job, you will need a work permit visa to work in a foreign country. 

  • Super Visa - A supers visa helps you to travel to a foreign country for the purpose of visiting a family member(children or grandchildren). It is a visa available for Parents or Grandparents and permits the family member to stay for a longer time period. 

  • Business Visa - A business visa helps you to travel to a foreign county for any purpose related to business. A business visa can be availed to those who wish to perform a client/host business meeting, conferences, workshops or any other business activities that don’t account for employment or productivity(in terms of money). You must provide proper details of your business and the business you dealing with in the foreign country.  


Moliere Institute's online nonimmigrant visa application provides you with the right guidance to ensure your journey to a foreign country seems less foreign.Click here to Share your queries with us and help us serve you better. 

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