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Welcome to the Immigration service near me  in Canada, Moliere

Canadian immigration service offers a variety of ways to permanent and temporary residence for applicants who are looking to move for professional and personal reasons. The team of professionals at Moliere reviews the unique profile of clients and identifies the most efficient ways to gain their goals of immigration. When you search “the best immigration services near me” you will get Moliere's name first. We provide you with end-to-end support on different applications, including study and work permits, business visas, travel visas and citizenship.


Why choose “ Moliere” the most credible immigration service nearby?

You will enjoy  working with us as a team having excellent credentials of:

  • We provide Verified reviews with a big tracking record of success records.

  • Convenient, easy and quick service with online application filling.

  • Very affordable and competitive fees with flexible payment options.

  • The clear and transparent process keeps you notified.

  • Complete immigration solutions from beginning to end.

  • To ensure the highest standard of service provide review and follow-up process.

  • Our advisors will provide you with highly competent and precisely managed services.

  • We can be the best bet on quality and excellent service.


There may be a lack of proficiency in your to tackle the issues of immigration to Canada. so it will be better to not do it by yourself and rather search for “the best immigration services near me” and get a reference from Moliere immigration service. Our immigration service nearby you will have deep knowledge of the subject matter and this will help our professionals in services related to immigration to Canada. Hence it is one of the best “Immigration services near me”.


We will love to help you to make your dream true, Our core services are:

Moliere will ensure to handle all aspects of immigration service to carry forward the process smooth as possible.

  • Permanent Resident Visa -This visa of the individual and their family allows them to live in a particular country permanently.

  • Tourist visa-A tourist visa is an official stamp or document that authorizes an individual to enter a foreign country for leisure and tourism purposes. A tourist visa can be referred to as a “visitor visa”, “temporary stay visa” or "travel visa".

  • Family sponsorship visa- This visa allows a family member of the citizen of a country to stay and study immediately.

  • Study visa-  a student can manage their dreams of studying in Canada with this visa.




Are you eligible to immigrate to Canada? We are here to help you with the immigration process!     

Immigration, citizenship, and Refugees of Canada is the government department that is responsible for all cases related to:

  • Immigration to Canada 

  • Refugees to Canada

  • Canadian citizenship

The eligibility for immigration to Canada will be determined by the refugees, immigration, and citizenship of Canada. It will depend on the reason they want to move to Canada. There are thousands of reasons a person might wish to immigrate to Canada. Different immigration programs offered by Canada support these. Some want to come to Canada for studies, and others want t work or start a business. We help immigrants with the following immigration options.




1. What are the advantages of becoming a permanent resident of Canada?


The benefits of becoming a permanent resident of Canada are:

  • To receive all benefits that Canadian citizens are entitled to, including health care.

  • To work, and study in any of the Canadian territories.

  • To apply eventually for Canadian citizenship.

  • To be under the protection of Canadian laws.


2. How to become a permanent resident of Canada?


To arrive at this answer you need to find the Canadian immigration services near my home that have programs of prerequisites for a Canadian permanent resident. Which depends on the stream under which an individual can qualify. Canada has created a myriad of immigrants based on various factors, including age, work, experience to invest, and ties to Canada.

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