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Get Quality Consultancy for Canada Student Visa at an affordable price:

Are you looking for consultancy for Canada Student Visa? The first step is to get a well-experienced expert for your student visa. At Moliere, we provide what you need for your successful Canada student visa. Don’t worry Moliere is here to guide you through the initial assessment to the last process. We provide a wide variety of help to assist you in starting your dream career in Canada. Our student visa program in Canada is specially developed to address your individual needs and objectives, and our team of experienced consultancy team of specialists is here to give you the support and resources you need to be successful.


Why do students choose Canada for study?


The universities and colleges of Canada support students according to the research work they have done and those who come out with the best research ideas get scholarships. The reasons for students to study in Canada are as follows:


  • Exciting Campus Lifestyle

  • Easy Immigration Possibilities  

  • Healthy and Safe Communities

  • Affordable High-Quality Education

  • Innovative and Research Opportunities

  • One of the best work and internship opportunities for international students while they study.


Canada is one of the most suitable places for foreign students to higher studies, and Canada attracts students each year from all over the world. 


What are the eligibility criteria you need to know before consultancy for Canada student visa?


Eligibility criteria need to keep in mind before consultancy for Canada student visa service, The eligibility criteria for a student visa in Canada are:


  • Enrolled at a DLI

  • Prove Income so that you can afford lifestyle and return transportation in Canada for you and your family.

  • Clear background without any legal issues.

  • Health and get a medical examination. 

  • Prove to leave to an official of Canada after the study permit expires.


Here are the tables showing the required scores of the tests:

Language skills points:






Education qualification points:

Most Popular Question Asked on Consultancy for Canada Student Visa:


  • How can I study abroad in Canada?


         To be capable to study in Canada, first, you have to get a student permit from the federal government of Canada.


  • Can I work overseas in Canada after I graduate in Canada?

         Yes, you will require a post-graduation work permit to be able to stay in Canada. 

Moliere Institute provides the best of all immigration services to clients. So, Choose our service and take an appointment right now to get a hassle-free consultancy from the best Canada visa consultants.


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